Carnets d’un synesthète, op. 74 (2015) / 8’30

for mezzo-soprano, viola and piano, poems by Ch. Baudelaire, A. Rimbaud
Commissioned by Gérard Caussé, Accrochages
premiered by Marie Kalinine (mez), Gérard Caussé (va), Itamar Golan (pno), Paris, 2015

Chants de Guernesey, op.35 (2004-07) / 20’

for soprano and orchestra (or piano), poems by Victor Hugo
3333, 4331, perc, hp, timp, cel, strings
Commissioned by the Victor Hugo International Festival in Guernsey (2004) and Radio France Montpellier Festival (orchestra version, 2007).
premiered by Karina Gauvin (sop) and Roger Vignoles (pno), Guernsey 2004, (piano version)
Ana Maria Labin (sop), Orchestre National de de Montpellier, Alain Altinoglu, (cond) Montpellier, 2007 (orchestra version)

La Demande en mariage « A proposal », op.21 (1997-2000) / 35’

chamber opera, after Anton Chekhov’s play
for bass, baritone, soprano, clarinet, violoncello and harp
premiered by Natalie Raybould (sop), Alex Ashworth (bar), James Gower (bas), Chimera ensemble, Ed Gardner (cond), London, 2000

The Fair Singer (2010) / 4’30

for soprano and piano, poem by Andrew Marvell
premiered by Tatiana Probst (sop), Jonas Atlan (pno), Marakesh, 2010

Les Messages Personnels, op.11 (1994-97) / 18’

for soprano, double bass and piano, text by the composer
premiered by Nicole Kuster (sop), Richard Dubugnon (db), Keiko Abe (pno), Orbec, 1994

Onze Mélodies, ‘Eleven songs’ op.8 (1992-93) / 22’

for soprano (or tenor) and string orchestra (or piano), texts by Anne Salem-Marin
premiered by Nicole Kuster (sop), Paris Conservatoire’s Strings, Martin Lebel (cond) (op. 8 No 1 – 8), Paris, 1993 and by Sandra Zeltzer, (sop), Royal Academy Strings, David Strange (cond), London 1997 (complete version)
EP 72131

Le Songe Salinas, op.36 (2003) / 30’

for mezzo-soprano and orchestra, texts by Stéphane Héaume
3354, 6000, 3 perc, timp, 2 Hp, strings
Commissioned by the Orchestre National de France
premiered by Nora Gubisch (mezzo), Orchestre National de France, Fabien Gabel (cond) (2009)

Triptyque, op.23 (1999) / 20’

for baritone and ensemble
Text: Stéphane Héaume
Bar – – – Db – 2Perc
premiered at the ROyal Academy of Music, London, 1999

Trois chants sur des poèmes renaissants ‘Three songs on Renaissance poems’ op.49 (2009) / 15’

for mezzo-soprano, tenor, bass and orchestra (or piano)
2222, 2200, 1 perc, timp, hp, strings
Commissioned by the International Singing Competition in Mâcon (France)
premiered by the competition candidates, Mâcon, 2009

Le Voyage écarlate, op.31 (2002) / 25’

for high baritone or dramatic tenor and piano, texts by Stéphane Héaume
Commissioned by the Péniche-Opéra, Paris
premiered by Didier Henry (bar) and Jean-François Heisser, 2002